The Travelers began making music in 2010 in Philadelphia as a duo consisting of classically trained guitarist Kyle Hazelton and vocalist Jon Hagen. The two met at Philadelphia University and soon realized they both had a love for music that superseded school, work, and most luxuries and necessities, sometimes including sleep. Their first co-written song, "The Last Lone Ranger" is the last track featured on their debut album, "The Spaceman Cometh."

     Kyle and Jon decided to call themselves the Travelers after walking around much of Philadelphia playing the song for anyone who would listen. Soon Kyle's brother Justin joined the band with his angelic flute melodies and fierce writing style. The three became a songwriting powerhouse, with influences from blues, rock, hip-hop and jazz. They played the open mic circuit and small venues in Philadelphia, where they met guitarist, James Margolis of Bala Cynwyd, PA. James, a former student at Berklee College of Music, brings a deep knowledge of music history and a keen sense of music theory.

     James pioneered the way for the Travelers to break into the New York live music scene in 2012 and introduced them to bassist Parker Saint Charles of Albany, NY, an ambassador of funk and soul. At Parker’s insistence, the group found a drummer, Phil Harris, from Athens, GA. Phil Harris drives diverse beats with vast cultural influences and a savvy to be envied.

     Currently the Travelers play every Saturday afternoon at Astoria wine bar, Vintage. The band has traveled as far west as Denver, CO, as far east and as far north as Montgomery, VT, and as far south as Charleston, SC. They hope to spread their music across the globe.


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